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My goal as a Personal Trainer is to help you feel EMPOWERED in your body. I want you to be the best version of yourself. It can be intimidating to walk in a gym for the first time and not know where to start .  I want to help you feel comfortable in this environment and help you make the most of your time while you are working out . No matter your starting point , I can help you achieve results.
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My objective is to empower women  to create a positive body image through increased fitness, healthy dietary choices, and to motivate them to push past their limitations. 
Cooper Institute Bio- Mechanics of Resistance Training
Cooper Institute Balls, Band and More

TRX  Suspension Group Training Certification


Nicole knows to push me to my personal limit, while constantly checking to make sure I am executing proper form and breathing correctly to achieve my desired results.  I know that I am finally close to what I feel is my personal best with regard to health and wellness.  Thank you, Nicole, for all of your encouragement and guidance with respect to nutrition, exercise, and mental wellness. 

I’m the strongest I've ever been!! Nicole keeps my workouts innovative and fun and is very knowledgeable about personal training.  She truly has a passion to help women improve their lifestyle whether it’s through strength training and/or nutrition.  I HIGHLY recommend Nicole Thornton as your next personal trainer!!  

~Sue Simmons Munro
Nicole is a truly gifted trainer.  Working out was never something I enjoyed, and after working with other trainers, I had pretty much given up on the idea.  After glowing recommendations from friends, though, I decided to give Nicole’s training sessions a try.  Well-years (how long has it been?) later, here I am!  I feel stronger, fit into clothing MUCH better, and just generally feel better thanks to Nicole’s gentle yet firm way of training me.  She truly gets to know her clients and always does what is best by us.  I appreciate her for her patience and her knowledge and would recommend her whole heartedly. ~Aliza Cantu 
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